Severne Freek 2020 | CLOSEOUT
Severne Freek 2020 | CLOSEOUT
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Severne Freek 2020 | CLOSEOUT
Severne Freek 2020 | CLOSEOUT

Severne Freek 2020 | CLOSEOUT

$840.00 CAD

Severne Freek Freestyle Sail

The  2020 Severne Freek windsurfing sail offers the best freestyle performance yet. Using the most advanced windsurfing sail material technology, it is able to provide maximum lift, stability, and easy ducking. Greater aspect ratios increase the lift and the 5 batten design provides more stability and wind-range than 4 batten sails while still weighing less.

A combination of luff curve and seam shaping give the Freek the ability to generate more power and explosive pop without compromising it being able to go neutral for smooth ducking. Increased skin tension offers more stability and a greater wind range. The seamless head and foot panels is comprised of only one panel to defeating any chance of weak points or seam related failure. In addition, maximum tear resistance is achieved with double stitched 25mm window seams. This years Freek has a bigger difference in its loaded and unloaded state, so you can go from zero to massive in an instant. 

For freestyle sailors, less downhaul is needed to create a tighter head for maximum lift while freestyle wave sailors will want to add more downhaul for greater control. Plus, we have found that the Freek makes for a super dependable and efficient windsurfing sail for foiling in all conditions. Its lightweight features and ability to generate a significant amount of lift gives windsurfers not only the initial power to get them planing on the foil but the continued lift and pressure as well for a smooth and fast ride. Stay ahead of the game and boost your skills with the most advanced freestyle sail available, and the sweet color patterns are included as an additional perk.


  • Strong battens in head
  • Cyclops-ready
  • Stable
  • Balanced
  • Easy Ducking
  • Soft Rotating
  • Turnable