STARBOARD FOIL SET | Ocean Surf 2000

STARBOARD FOIL SET | Ocean Surf 2000

$1,499.00 CAD


The Efficient Foil

The Ocean Surf is designed to ride ocean swells, surf smaller softer waves efficiently and for wing foiling in light winds. The Ocean Surf blends powerful lift with speed by combining a larger surface area and a higher aspect ratio. For wing foiling in particular, this provides the ability to maintain flight through lulls and low-speed maneuvers. 

Ocean Surf 2000

Front Wing Span: 90cm | 35.5"

Front Wing Area: 2000cm2 | 310 sq in 

Tail Wing Span: 42cm | 16.5" 

Tail Wing Area: 270cm2 | 42 sq in

Total Mast Length: 72cm | 28"

Fuselage length: 67cm | 26.3"


Front View - Moderate concave adds lift

Side View - A thin profile gives the wing its speed and high efficiency

Top View - A moderately curved leading edge blends lifting power with carving maneuverability

Quick Lock

1. Insert the wing.

2. Lock the Wing by inserting the supplied Torx key and turning the pressure-bolt clockwise. This expands the fuselage’s male insert which locks the wing in place

3. Repeat for the tail wing.

V6 Aluminium Mast

For absolute control and surfing performance, the 6th generation extra-hollow aluminum mast makes it lighter than ever. The triple beam stringer and wide chord makes it the stiffest mast on the market, laterally and torsionally.

Carbon Light

Upgrade to the Carbon Light 75 or 85 mast for minimum weight and maximum speed.

Upgrade Paths

Masts: upgrade from the V6 Aluminium 65  mast to the 75 to extend the mast by 10cm (4”), giving a total length of 82cm (32”). 

Wings: all wings are interchangeable. Switch to smaller or larger wings for more speed or more lift. Or switch to another wing model Wave Classic - for extra lift and steadier speeds Wave - for extra speed, extra glide and flowing rides

Top Plate: upgrade from the standard Top Plate to the Quick Lock Top Plate to slide your foil on and off quickly. Spend more time foiling, spend less time assembling.