Salinas del rey / Santa Veronica, Colombia is the spot to introduce you to wing foiling in the waves. 

When ? March 11 to 25 

You can cruise back and forth? You are ready to surf the swells and the waves? Colombia is one of those place you will never forget. 

Long rides on nice swells will quickly get you addict to wing foiling in the waves. 

JR will be there with the crew of Salinas del rey / Santa Veronica kite&wing surf CLUB-hôtel Colombie to guide you around the area. 

The acces to the water is easy even in bigger conditons.
The big spaces between the waves allows you to get out or to get back up on your board relatively easily. The big swells on the outside are perfect for learning how to free fly. 
The water is nice and warm (28 deg).
Depending where you are on the water, it can be shallow but deep enough for your foil. Nothing is sharp, nothing bite ;)
It's super windy from january to the end of april. 
The storage for the equipements is at 300 meters from the spot.

Let us know if you want more details. 

Looking foward to share a wave with you !