At windshop we try to test as much gear possible to give good advice to our clients and I have just been able to put my hand on a FREEWING PRO ! 

The Freewing pro is the top of the line at Airush wings and it is used mostly by racers on the world tour. We loved it and here is why

On the beach

 - Super light weight

 - Top quality material on the strut so it can handle lots of pressure

 - Amazing quality on the Canopy  (xply carbon)

So yes its an expensive one but it will outlast at least twice the lifetime of any other wing on the market now. 

On the water

- It is fast !!! Since the material on the canopy is not streching you can push the wing to your limits so be ready to get over foiled if you dont have a small wing under your feet.

- Transition are also easy to make as the stiff strut makes the wing go where you want to 

- Its probably a blast to jump as the speed it gives will get you up and flying ! 

- HUGE RANGE !!! the 5m can handle so much wind you just change your angles and can hold it in big gust easy without wobbling or flapping around

 If you are on the market for an ALUULA or an expensive wing for top performance the FREEWING PRO is a clear contender and I would say an even better option especially due to the quality of the materials used. It will outlast any wing on the market now. Nice works guys !!