Stay with us at Pro Windsurf La Ventana

Winter 2023

Pro Windsurf La Ventana offers comfortable accommodations at an affordable price! You will have unlimited access to the latest windsurf, windfoil and wingfoil gear, SUPS, a trimaran, snorkel gear, ATVs, shared vehicles and much more! Our fully stocked gear sheds on the beach are truly a sight to behold.

The Bay of La Ventana is the perfect location for windsurfers and wingfoilers of all abilities. Steady sideshore winds blow down the 10-mile white sand beach from November through April. Beginners enjoy the safety net of the L-shaped beach that captures downwind drifters no matter how far out they go.

Most days the wind is thermally-driven, so conditions for all levels can be found at different parts of the day.

Wing foiling

Learn How to wing or work on your wing skills with US - Charles is spendding his winter as Pro windsurf to teach and share his passion with you. 

Mornings are great for beginners with lighter winds and flatter conditions. We have inflatable wing boards with a fin and a dagger. It allows you to learn step by step and safely how to wing.

You can get 1 hour / week free lesson with Charles to get you going. It's also possible to get some group clinics and private lessons. 

For more advence riders, the afternoon winds ramp up, experienced wingers will have catchings long rides on smouth swells. 

From beginner to expert, you can get the best tips and experience from Pro windsurf crew. The team is awesome, the place is perfect for winging and windsuring, you'll love it. 


Intermediate and advanced sailors will love blasting back and forth in the rolling ocean swells. For great port tack jumping and backside wave riding, the sandbar a couple tacks upwind at “The Generals” is the perfect place to boost some air or try your first loop. Or you can head a bit downwind to the bigger waves at the buffadore (blow hole). 

Mornings are great for beginners with lighter winds, then as the afternoon winds ramp up, experienced sailors will have a blast racing on long reaches.

PW crew will be on-hand each day to help you pick the right gear and provide tips and lessons to amp up your sailing level.


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