Best Winter wings ! 

Winter is coming in fast and Winging in the winter is an easy inexpensive sport ( no lift tickets)  that will make your winter a blast. On top of that learning to wing in the winter will make it super easy to get you on a foil in the summer.  

We selected our best options for you to get going fast this winter.

Occasional user

If you want to explore the sport of winging and feel unsure it will be good for you. We have the perfect opiton for you. The MAKANI wing is simple and affordable and will get you going without breaking the bank !  That one comes in handy with carry on back pack, pump and leash included. We have very few in stock ... 


Recreational user

Starboard just released an amazing and well priced wing that can be a great option for winter winging. We selected the no window option for more durability in cold weather.  If you are looking for a wing for many years of use and great handling this is the one. They are in stock and ready to go in 5.5 m and 4.5 m sizes ( we suggest 5.5 for medium-heavy weights and 4.5 for light weights)


Perfomance user

Takuma is a new company offering amazing products ! The Takuma TK concept is a great powerhouse for serious riders who wants a wing that will be awesome in the winter as well as in the summer. A great durable wing especially the 5.2 for heavy weights and strong guys who want to fly on the snow and get going in light winds in the summer. The 5.2 is as powerful as most 6m on the market and with some pumping will give you impressive low end. We also carry the 4.3 or lighter weights.



Pro user 

We have a new wing in line up in 2023 and its the TAKUMA RS. The wing is designed by one of the best sail designer in the world, Robert Stroj. This new wing features carbon handles, battens, xply and more ! This makes it to 5 ***** wing for winter winging and summer performance. If you are already in winging and want to upgrade for a better option well you have the one.  This wing has an amazing range and if you are in a light wind area the 6.1 is a POWERFUL beast !!!