What we like with the new Dakine Cyclone wing:

Semi-rigid handles on the new Dakine cylocne wing are a game changer. The reduce diameter of the handles and the stifness of the wing itself are two aspects that we really liked. The grip is nice, confonfortable and doesn't hurt your hand even when riding for a long time without an harness. 


The Inflation System

The single tube makes the inflation find ! But when it comes to deflate your wing, it can takes a bit longuer than other wing models.

The Harness Line

It's possible to had attaches to the handles to set harness lines.

The Trailing Edge 

 The canopy is well fit, the wing makes no noice when glidding. The trailing edge is nice and well fit. The flat profil of the wing combined with the nice canopy fit makes it nice, stiff and responsive. 

Power and control

For jibbing, tacking and other maneuvers, semi-rigid handles are giving a foward and back control but also a side way control that you can manage easly with your wrist. It also help lifting up the wing tip when it's catching the water. 

 The handles lenght is perfect. you can easly slide your hands foward and back on the handles to power and de-power the wing. 

The wing is not the most powerfull compared to other brands. But, the stiffeness and the rigidity of the wing makes a big difference when it's time to pump for getting up on the foil.  If you are pretty efficient at pumping and getting up on the foil you can easly cover 10 to 25 knots with a 4 and 5 meter wing. 


Enjoy a pleasant ride with the Dakine Cyclone wing !

The stiffness will enable you to power through gusts. The windows position was thought well, I was personnaly not really in to windows before trying the Cyclone. Now, I'm using them a lot, I'm still looking aroung before doing any maneuvers, but I feel blind without them. 

When it's time to de-power de wing and rip on the swell, the wing is drifting well. The front handle is semi-rigid as well so it gives you more control when you're doing more agressive turns on faster swells.