We have unreal conditions here in Quebec for wingfoiling and windsurfing.


The Saint-Lawrence river is a swell paradise just perfect for wingfoiling. Big tides with current against the wind and you get perfect conditions to surf the river.

The windiest period is spring (april,mai and june) and fall (end of August, September and October).

 Saint-Anne de Beaupré is one of those spot where you can find awesome conditions when the wind comes from the south and the tide is pushing. 

If you go out at the very beginning of the pushing tide, you'll have to do a little walk in the mud. It's good for the skin they say. 

One thing is certain, it's worth the walk. 

The water will fill up the river and you'll be impress to see the by the coast line at the end of the tide. Tides are around 10 to 17 feet. 


The spot is really convenient: big parking, nice grass for rigging and water to rince your gear. The first parking is for windsurfers and wingers and the second one for kitesurfers. The community is very nice and will welcome you nicely. 

You may want to give a 20 $ donation to the local organisation that organize the spots and does every thing to keep them accessible. 

AKVQ: https://www.akvq.ca/page/adhesion


We often demo gear in Quebec since it's our local area. We can also recommend you spots if you plan to visiting us.

You should add Quebec to the list, it has a lot to offer 🤙




Here is a video from october 2022.